stalker and stalkee

4 Feb

Entah ini kenapa tiba-tiba kepikiran tentang stalker dan stalkee. Jadi, kalo di akuntansi, istilah orang yang mengakuisisi perusahaan lain itu adalah acquirer, dan yang diakuisi itu istilahnya acquiree jadi saya membuat istilah stalker untuk orang yang “kepo” dan stalkee untuk yang di”kepo”in. And yah entah kepikir dari mana ngepost seperti ini. Jadi menurut saya timbulnya stalker itu pertama, bisa karena stalkee yang mungkin aneh menurut stalker, jadi diikutin terus tuh apa yang dilakuin stalkee dan bisa bahan (mungkin ejekan) buat si stalker. Kedua, mungkin bisa juga karena stalkee terlalu mengumbar kehidupannya. Misal di twitter, tweet dia isinya apa yang dia lakuin di tweet semua “duh, dosennya imut, unyu” “lagi makan d h*kben” “besok dari pagi sampai malam full di kampus”. Ketiga, bisa juga karena si stalker memang tertarik dengan si stalkee. Keempat, nah ini yang ga bisa dijelasin. Si stalker stalking tanpa alasan. Nah loh? hahaha.. sekian random post dari saya. Kalo ada tambahan, boleh nih ditambah. Ini ngepost dari pengalaman aja, ga pake survei setaon atau ditelusuri secara spesifik jadi ya taunya ini aja. hehehe..




Verena :)


I’m so sick to be like this

16 Nov

virtual world is not enough anymore for me. all things that I need is you here beside me. to keep me. support me. and take me out when I’m getting bored. I need you.

I will fly

14 Nov

You know all the things i’ve said
You know all the things that we have done
And things i gave to you
There’s a chance for me to say
How precious you are in my life
And you know that it’s true

To be with you is all that i need
Cause with you, my life seems brighter and these are all the things
I wanna say…

I will fly into your arms
And be with you
Til the end of time
Why are you so far away
You know it’s very hard for me
To get myself close to you

You’re the reason why i stay
You’re the one who cannot believe
Our Love will never end
Is it only in my dream?
You’re the one who cannot see this
How can you be so blind?


How I miss you so much nyett :*

I MISS YOU SO MUCH, nyett! ♥

13 Nov

LDR is so killing me. can’t reach you is a painful. I need you here. anytime, anywhere. you’re my SUPERman. you’re my everything.

I love you so much
I miss you so much
and I need you so much nyett..

keep all we have been through

take care nyett :*

Karena Kutahu Engkau Begitu

27 Jun

kuyakin dalam hatiku
kau satu yang ku perlu
kurasa hanya dirimu
yang membuatku rindu

bila saat nanti kau milikku
kuyakin cintamu
takkan terbagi, takkan berpaling
karena kutahu engkau begitu
karena kutahu engaku begitu

hingga ku pasti menunggu
selama apapun itu
demi cinta yang kurasakan
yang hanyalah kepadamu

percayalah kusungguh-sungguh
mengatakan semua
yakinkan hatimu kau milikku
karena kutahu engkau begitu
karena kutahu engkau begitu


falling in love with this song :)

second anniversary ♥

3 Jun

welcome back, my blog :p

sooo, 1st June was my anniversary with my boy friend. started with his called at 12.01 pm, then back slept again. and in the noon we had brunch at kfc then sing many songs at happy puppy, then went to campus, curch and this was the climax but not the last: dinner at the bizztro. we had dinner as usually, and nothing special. when we wanna go home, he wanna took me to his home, and I didn’t thought anything. and guess what happened in his home? he just prepared many candles light and there was a teddy bear! it just so sweet ♥ ♥ and this the photos:

♥ ♥ ♥

tibi si teddy bear ♥

the teddy bear is so cute! thank you honey, and thanks for all ♥

love, verena :)


31 Mar

yeay, I’m back! *bushhh.. tiup debu*

longggggggggggggggggggggg time didn’t post anything here. and here we go, I’ll tell you something

so, yesterday was my boyfriend’s 24th birthday. I prepared a surprised for him. I made a video, that content birthday greetings from his friends. and my plan was play this video when we’re dinner then after the video has finished, his friends come to him and bring 24 cupcakes. I thought it seems so difficult, mengingat saya jarang bikin surprise. ha-ha-ha. and actually this idea came from kak Treffi. I thank her a bunch :)  and then I lil modified that

and any prepare was clear, tinggal menunggu hari H. but on the 29th night, I got and idea. untuk mengklamufase biar dikiranya ga ada surprise, I came to his home and put on  baloons, crepe papers, and a sticker “HAPPY BDAY ONYETT” on the his room’s door. and it was succes :D

and on the night (30th) all the day was rain :( I was not quiet. I don’t know how to go there while raining outside. and thanks to my brother, he took us to the place that I prepared, Cozy cafe.

sampai di Cozy, CD yang udah disiapin ternyata ga keluar gambarnya, that was just a sound! oh, dare you. and lucky me my boyfriend didn’s realizes that. finally my friend back to home to bring his laptop. then, video was played, his friends gave the cupcakes and my gift. aaaa thank God it was succesed! although many things that firstly almost failed. and my boyfriend soooo happy! it was a best surprised that I did in my life. thank you very much to my friends, my brother, and the biggest thanks to my Dad :) :)